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Caplink Mortgage Investors Corporation

The Caplink Mortgage Investors Corporation (CapMIC) is designed solely to invest in first mortgages.

As a CapMIC shareholder, you’ll have access to a portfolio of mortgages that will:

  • Have at least 70% of the portfolio invested in residential first mortgages
  • Never exceed a loan-to-value ratio of 75% at time of funding

Talk to our mortgage investment team to find out if CapMIC is the investment opportunity you were looking for.

Before considering an investment please request a copy of our Offering Memorandum that details risk. Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, returns may fluctuate and past performance may not be repeated.

Caplink’s Mortgage Investment Team

Devin Greenlaw

Investor Relations Coordinator

888-429-0114 (224)

Brian Menges

Principal, CEO

888-429-0114 (229)