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New Borrower

Caplink has the extensive knowledge and lending capacity required to fund a wide range of residential and commercial properties up to $5 million.

Through its experience and broad funding capabilities, Caplink can customize financing packages to accommodate first and second mortgages, blanket mortgages, bridge financings, business for self, poor credit, bankruptcy settlements, foreclosures, hard to verify income and other specialized mortgages. Caplink will finance residential, commercial, retail, industrial, multifamily, recreational, and acreage properties. Caplink does not finance hospitality properties such as restaurants, motels, hotels and golf courses.
As each application is unique it is important that you discuss your particular needs with a member of Caplink’s mortgage origination team. Please allow us to assist you when conventional lending sources cannot meet your needs.

For more information please contact Caplink’s Mortgage Origination Team or Caplink’s Mortgage Administration Team.

Caplink’s Mortgage Administration Team

Victoria Brassard

Mortgage Administrator

888-429-0114 (228)

Stephanie Krykowski

Mortgage Administrator

888-429-0114 (242)

Megan Skates

Mortgage Administrator

888-429-0114 (239)

Milly Bergenstrom

Manager, Mortgage Administration

888-429-0114 (240)

Caplink's Mortgage Origination Team

Ashley Meintzer

Mortgage Underwriting Assistant

888-429-0114 (215)

Caley Teghtmeyer

Mortgage Underwriter

888-429-0114 (232)

Jason Brown

Manager, Mortgage Origination

888-429-0114 (219)

Gay Andrews

Principal, COO

888-429-0114 (236)