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As a fully integrated mortgage lender, Caplink is able to provide expertise at all stages of the lending process, including origination, funding, and administration.

At Caplink, our organization is built around three core groups:

Our investors provide the capital that funds all of our mortgage loans. We take our investor relationships very seriously, providing complete access to market information—and continuous communication—to all our investors.

When it comes to investing, being informed can make all the difference in balancing the risks and rewards. We recognize that fact better than you might think: our management and board contribute a significant portion of our investment funds.

Our brokers refer Caplink the mortgage opportunities it ultimately funds. Our relationships with our brokers are invaluable to our continued success.

Our borrowers are the people and organizations we create our mortgage loans for. We use our proven knowledge and expertise to address the needs and realities of our borrowers in order to facilitate the mortgage loan that makes the most sense for them. We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t.

Caplink services each of these three groups. Remove any one of them from the equation, and we wouldn’t get very far. That’s why we strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients in all of their forms.

At Caplink, we combine integrity and transparency with unique mortgage opportunities. If you have a mortgage lending question, we’ve probably got the answer.