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What is a Mortgage Investment Corporation?

A mortgage investment corporation (MIC) is an investment-pooling vehicle that enables its shareholders to collectively invest in a large pool of diversified residential and commercial mortgage investments. By combining multiple real estate investments into one fund, a MIC allows its shareholders access to monthly incomes, while mitigating mortgage investment risk.

Essentially, it is mortgage investment made simpler: you invest in one of our MIC funds so we can invest in a pool of mortgage loans on your behalf. The net income derived from the entire pool of investments is distributed among its shareholders, free of corporate tax.

You choose the MIC that matches your investment goals, and we take care of the rest. Caplink currently has two MICs open to investors:

CapMIC invests only in first mortgages; Cedar II invests in both first and second mortgages.

You’ll experience a number of benefits investing in one of Caplink’s MICs:

  • Your investment has the potential for regular cash flow.
  • We secure your investment by investing in real estate mortgages only.
  • MIC mortgage pools mitigate your mortgage investment risk.
  • You receive professional management and independent board governance.
  • We provide annual audited financial statements to all our investors.
  • Your investment shares are redeemable in prescribed circumstances.
  • We require no fees for either entering or exiting the MIC.
  • You become the beneficiary of monthly financial reporting.
  • Your investment is eligible for a number of savings plans, including RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, and TFSAs.

Life is about balance. Through regular, transparent communication from Caplink, you’ll remain involved while letting Caplink’s professional team expertly guide your investment so you don’t have to.